Found in:Gift Shop(400 gems)Starter Miscrit


Prawnja's antennae acts as powerful weapons while in the heat of battle,and are its primary method of attack.


Hermetalcrab's massive claws slow it down slightly during battle,but their incredible strength and power more than makes up for it.


A powerful zen warrior ,Shellgun can often be seen winning multiple battles without even changing its stoic expression


A strategy expert,Clawmurai has an incredible grasp of the art of war and it's an asset to any Miscrit team.


Skills Level Element Effect Power Accuracy Description
Sprinkle 1 water ------- 7 100% a simple water attack
Toughen Up 1 physical buff ------- 100% raises your physical and elemental attack by 5
Smack 4 physical ------- 7 100% a simple physical attack
Sleep 7 status sleep ------- 50% put your foe to sleep for 2 turns,or until you attack them
Pincer Chop 10 water ------- 10 95% this average water move is exclusive to crab Miscrits
Acid Rain 13 status poison 10 85% this move may poison your foe,causing extra damage for 3 turns
Claw 16 physical ------- 15 90% a powerful physical attack
Overwater 19 water buff ------- 100% remove nature's advantage over water
Storm 22 water ------- 20 90% a powerful water attack
Unbreakable 25 physical buff ------- 100% raises your physical and elemental defense by 11
Hydro 28 water ------- 25 90% a massively powerful water attack
Clamp 30 physical ------- 25 90% only a ninja crab can perform this massively powerful attack