Found in:Gift Shop(400 gems)starter Miscrit


Flowerpiller is often spotted just barely peeking its head around the corner of a leaf.Although timid at first ,it is friendly and good natured.


The beautiful and brivant colours of the Chrysaleaf's shell make it a common target of traders seeking to make jewellery for the wealthy classes.


A very fickle creature, pleased with its own beauty.Bloombug is difficult for weaker trainers to keep a handle on.


Fairyblossom is a favorite of teen girls all over Miscria,many of which choose to decorate their bedrooms with paintings and stuffed toys of the creature.


Skills Level Element Effect Power Accuracy Description
Toughen Up 1 physical buff ------- 100% raises your physical and elemental defense by 5
Wisp 1 nature ------- 7 100% a simple nature attack
Swipe 4 physical ------- 7 100% a simple physical attack
Confuse 7 status confuse ------- 50% make your opponent confused so that they may attack themselves(2 turns)
Sting 10 nature ------- 10 95% an average nature attack
Tangle 13 nature ------- 10 95% an average nature attack
Thrive 16 nature buff ------- 100% raises your physical and elemental defense by 8
Photosynth 19 nature buff ------- 100% removes fire's advantage over nature
Blitz 22 physical ------ 10 90% this powerful physical attack could hit 2 times
Mother Nature 25 nature ------- 20 90% a very powerful nature attack with the help of mother nature
Venom 28 status poison 14 80% use this powerful poison to damage your foe for 3 turns
Bug Out 30 nature ------- 25 90% a massive nature attack